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Commercial Batteries

xtreme battery

Whether on the road, on the farm or on site, the commercial
vehicle operator works in a demanding and competitive
environment. This means that operating performance
is often measured on a cost per mile or hour basis
and analysis can be complex.

However, when it comes to the choice of battery,
the solution is simpler; Platinum Xtreme is the
right answer for every cost conscious commercial
vehicle operator seeking reliability and performance.

The wide range of Platinum Xtreme batteries are built to last and
feature a number of technical benefits to improve service life.

Platinum Xtreme batteries are designed with greater grid and plate thickness for extra robustness, providing greater reserve capacity, and improved cycling performance.

Each battery plate is provided with additional strength and robustness through the application of a hot-melt bonding solution during assembly.

This Plate-Lock process effectively increases the batteries’ resistance to the damage created by vibration generated in normal vehicle operation, improving effective service life.

The Xtreme range utilises a Lead Antimony and Lead Calcium alloy combination which meets Europe’s standard for Maintenance-Free performance, but still allows the battery to be topped up in event of overcharging.

Each individual battery plate is fully enclosed in a microporous polyethylene separator that contains the active material, thereby extending service life and improving electrical performance.