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Marine & Leisure

Heavy Duty Range (685L-6110L-6135L-6140L-6190L-6225L)

A complete range of six batteries fulfilling the needs of every Boat and Leisure enthusiast

This is a Lead acid battery range with the following benefits:

  • Envelope and Fibre Glass separation for longer life.
  • Thick Grid Technology for Greater Capacity and Deep cycle durability.
  • Central Degassing Channels, all gasses through a single gassing point to be safely exhausted through the Caravan or Boat (excluding 6140L, 6190L and 6225L).
  • Magic Eye For instant charge and electrolyte condition (Gives indication when to charge or top up electrolyte). Fitted on all (excluding 6140L, 6190L and 6225L).
  • Carry handle to enable easy and safe handling when transporting to and from application.
  • Powerful Cold Cranking Durability for Boat Engine starts and Caravan Motor-mover Parking systems.
  • Fast charge capability, less charging more relaxing.

Sealed for Life Range (LB6110L-SD685L-SD6110L)

The Top three Dual purpose Deep Cycle Fully Sealed Units

A range of three sealed batteries with the durability and strengths of Lead Acid whilst still maintaining that competitive edge for every Boat and Leisure Enthusiast:

  • Sealed Battery a Spill proof range with all the above benefits, also more user friendly and safer for the environment.
  • Labyrinth Lid Technology, Automatic safety venting with no water loss and Flame Arresters preventing any chance of explosion.
  • Dual Post securing a positive and safe fit for multiple connections.
  • Longer Lasting and Maintenance Free.
  • Fast charge capability, less charging more relaxing.

Lifestyle technology for Marine & Leisure

Applied technologies

Thick-Grid Technology – Lifestyle batteries feature a plate construction that packs more active material in each cell, increasing electrical capacity and improving the deep cycling capability.

Envelope Separators – Lifestyle batteries utilise a microporous polyethylene separator that fully encloses each battery plate, providing greater resistance to vibration and extending service life.

Enhanced Safety
Central Degassing – During normal operation a lead-acid battery generates a small volume of hydrogen gas. Lifestyle batteries feature a degassing system that channels all gasses through a single point, allowing any emissions to be exhausted externally from the boat or caravan for added safety.

Flame Arrest – Each Lifestyle Marine and Leisure product has a device located within the degassing system that protects against the risk of gas combustion within the battery, from an external source of ignition. This increases the on-board safety, allowing the battery to be located within the living area of the boat or caravan.

Added Convenience
State of Charge Indicator – Lifestyle Marine and Leisure batteries come complete with a device that provides an easy to comprehend visual indication of the battery’s condition. This useful feature prevents the battery being used when in need of topping-up or charging.

Tough Carry Handle – each battery has a tough, plastic carry handle to improve portability.