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Motorcycle Batteries

Platinum Motorcycle, Jet Ski and ATV Ranges

Platinum Moto designed for Motorcycles, Jet ski’s and ATV’s that need that little extra in the toughest of conditions.

Platinum Batteries are manufactured to and above Original Equipment standards, we strive to supply Brand leading technology for the enthusiast who is passionate about what is fitted to his/her vehicle, in short, the best.

  • Latest superior technology for every application
  • Dry charged complete with acid
  • Unlimited shelf life (Dry charged product only)

The CT & CTZ Range of sealed batteries

The very best quality product found in more recently registered motorcycles, jetski’s and ATV’s. These batteries are the very latest Gel technology, providing ultimate starting power together with long life and are also highly resilient to battery sulphating. They arrive already sealed up and charged, which provides more flexible options for how the battery is fitted and in what position, even upside down is an option!!

It is advisable to fully charge your battery before fitting. This will ensure that your bike will be receiving 100% starting performance and capacity of the battery.

Self Sealing Range

  • Self sealing CTX and some CT
  • Long shelf life
  • Dry Charge complete with acid pack
  • Completely sealed once seal in place
  • High capacity starting power
  • Standard Range
  • Standard
  • All Dry charged and boxed with acid pack
  • Unlimited shelf life (Dry Only)
  • Platinum Motorcycle, Jet Ski and ATV Ranges
  • There are 3 different types of battery technology with the following key differences
  • Standard Motorcycle Batteries CB or N range
    • This battery range is usually fitted to pre 1998 models or basic models with kick start and a limited range of electronics.

      Standard motorcycle batteries are delivered with a 'dry charge' (75-85% Charged) and need to be filled with battery acid and sometimes a quick top up charge depending on the immediate start drain of the bikes cranking requirements.

      After filling and fitting, the acid levels must be checked about once a month and topped up if necessary with distilled water.

      Standard batteries lose their charge over time and need to be topped up on a regular basis to keep the battery plates from sulphating (sulphating is the greatest cause of battery failure and is NOT covered by the Manufacturer’s Warranty).

The CTX Range of self sealing batteries

Found in modern day motorcycles, jetski’s and ATV’s using maintenance-free technology; this range provides high starting power with a longer life and is spill resistant even if the motorcycle should end up in an undesirable position.

Manufactured with maintenance-free heavy duty glass-mat technology, these are also delivered with a 'dry charge' (80% charged) and need to be filled with the specific battery acid provided with the battery. The battery acid provided is a measured volume to fill the battery to the required levels for trouble-free operation.

After the maintenance-free battery is filled and sealed, it must not under any circumstances be opened again.

Tampering with the seal on a CTX range battery is not only dangerous but will also void any Manufacturer’s Warranty.

The Gel Range

  • CT and CZ (the very best Gel technology)
  • Spill and leak proof
  • Totally sealed
  • Long life
  • Vibration resistant
  • High capacity starting power
  • Low discharge rate
  • Resilient to sulphation

Battery acid is corrosive and to avoid damage or personal injury, it is recommended to fill the battery wearing suitable gloves and safety goggles.
All batteries are hazardous waste, please dispose of them accordingly